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welcome to

m a m b a c y c l e



Part of your healthy lifestyle.


Spin & Group fitness in the dark.

Mamba Style.

Join us in our Ride Room for spin class, or our Train Room for off the bike strength & stretch classes.

Taking fitness to another level.

Be inspired to become a better you. Be motivated to push your limits.

We don’t just ride, we elevate ourselves to a better place.

place where nothing exists except you and a beat.

We ride to create a moment in time that stays with us forever.

Together, we are one.

This is Mamba.

mamba Cycle mindset

Mamba Cycle is not only a spin studio, but a home for riders of all levels on and off the bike. We are a community. We work together. From the second you clip in, to the moment you get off, you’re pushing through your boundaries. Whether you’re an experienced rider or a beginner, once that music starts, we are one. Surrounded by people with the same goals and nothing but dim lights, you can feel the positive energy and love. Those feelings will stay with you long after the ride is over. 


Our Community


All are welcome at Mamba Cycle.

We all begin our journey in our own place in time.

We are passionate about what we do, we are passionate to share, we are committed to a never ending growth.

We are here to guide you, and ride along the greatest never ending pursuit to always become greater.

Mamba Motivator's carry the Mamba Cycle values close to their heart. We are here to share. 


We are a part of our community and here to serve our community with the very best we can bring!

With positive energy at the forefront, Mamba Motivator's challenge you, sweat with you and laugh with you!

The determination pulsing through your veins during you're favourite class. Motivators playlist's curated to make you move and their words will drive you beyond what you think you could ever do.  As we lose ourselves in the music, we leave everything on the floor and detach ourselves from the outside world. We create our own world where anything is possible!

Mamba Cycle Terms of Service

109-44981 Commercial Court

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