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M a m b a C y c l e Riders
MAmba Cycle app
Be sure to download our MAMBACYCLE app on the app store. This is your best way to view prices, book classes, and update any info!


Check In


We ask that new riders arrive at least 10 minutes before class starts. This allows you time for check in with the front desk, a quick tour & to meet your Motivator and get set up properly on your bike. Our main goal is to give you the greatest experience possible and arriving early guarantees that.

We try to have as least disruptions as possible in class. Please be courteous to other riders and turn your phones and watches off when class starts. 

If you need to leave class early let your Motivator know , otherwise please stay until class is finished. 

If you haven't booked online, you must also sign a waiver. If you are under 18, please have a parent or guardian with you to sign.




We clip in for safety and a smooth pedal stroke. Shoes are available to borrow for each ride or available for purchase.

Even better if you have your own!

Water and Towel


Stay hydrated! As soon as that music starts, so does the sweat! Bringing water and a towel, as our water station is temporarily closed. We will offer water for purchase if you forget!

Lockers are available for storage.

Bike Setup


There is always someone at Mamba ready to lend a hand! We will fit you to your bike to ensure you’re properly positioned. This allows for the efficient and appropriate use of muscles and avoiding injury.  Arriving early makes sure you get the best set up possible.

Ensure your bike seat and handle bars are secure and our new fit-loc system is in place!


M a m b a Mentality


Every day is a day to become better, a day to become greater. We will continue to keep striving to never stop hustling, growing, and inspiring. Together as a team. Every hill, sprint and jog, we do together and to the beat. Close your eyes, let the music take over and ride. We are overjoyed that you chose us to take you on this journey and are anxious to meet you!




We know sometimes things come up and you can’t make your class. That’s OK!

All we ask is that you cancel your booking at least 4 hours before your scheduled ride. This allows for a full refund to your account. If you cancel after the 4 hour window, you’ll lose your ride. This means for punch passes, you’ll lose 1 ride from your package and unlimited packages will be charged a $10 cancellation fee. We also understand that there are events beyond your control. Simply give us a call if there’s and emergency and you can’t make your class.

Wait list

There’s a class you really want to ride and it’s full? No problem! Put yourself on the wait list! If a bike opens up, you’ll be added into the class automatically and be notified via email or text with your class details. In order to jump on the wait list, make sure you have available credits on your account! Your ride will only be used if a spot becomes available. You have two hours to cancel your class once you've been added to the class from the waitlst. Should you not show up to class, you’ll lose your ride or be charged $10 for a cancellation fee.


Please be courteous to other riders, and cancel your class if you can't make it so other riders can hop on!

Services are non refundable.

Membership cancellation require 30 days notice.

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